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“Don’t worry. War or peace-it’s all the same.”
“All the same?” said Jacques in astonishment. “Go and tell that to the millions of men who are preparing to be killed.”
“And what then?” said Mathieu genially. “They have carried their death within them since the day they were born. And even if they are massacred to a man, humanity will still be up to strength; not an empty place, not one person missing.”
“Except for a loss of twelve to fifteen millions,” said Jacques.
“It isn’t a question of numbers,” said Mathieu. “Humanity replenishes itself, none is missed and none awaited. Humanity will continue on its futile journey, the usual people will ask themselves the usual questions and wreck their lives in the usual way.”
Jacques looked at him with a knowing smile.
“And what does it all come to”
“Well, just to nothing,” said Mathieu.
— Jean-Paul Sartre, The Reprieve (via greatrelease)